Predicting and Preventing
Ergonomic injuries


We make workplaces safer by preventing musculoskeletal injuries and improving ergonomics evaluations, with our smart wearables and software solutions.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Benjamin Franklin
Annual cases of work-related muscoskeletal injuries in the United States
Total associated cost


Ergonomic Evaluation

With our Smart Wearable technology, we will equip your facility with state of the art ergonomic evaluation tools.

Ergonomic Consultation

Our expert ergonomists will perform the ergonomic evaluation of your facility using our smart wearable technology.

Ergonomic Validation

We perform testing for companies to validate the ergonomic efficacy of tools and other products.

Smart Glove

OrthoFit provides smart wearables embedded with accurate sensors to track relevant hand and wrist actions during an entire workday.
OrthoFit's Smart Glove effortlessly tracks relevant hand and wrist actions during an entire workday without getting in the way. Our glove continuously watches hand and wrist movements in every direction to develop the most accurate possible ergonomic assessment. Data is regularly transmitted to our software platform via a secure wireless connection, keeping all the information we record on your behalf safe and easily accessible. Our goal is to make risk assessments as comfortable and easy as possible.

Risk/Injury Analysis Software

The OrthoFit software package streamlines data analysis, provides key metrics, and highlights risk areas for health and safety officers.
OrthoFit's software package securely handles data all the way from our Smart Glove to your computer. We have developed a series of calculations to determine the likelihood of injury for glove users, using data from a full workday to predict the likelihood of injury occuring. We analyze and extract meaningful information from the data we collect and make it available anywhere via our web platform. Our objective is to give more than just a risk assessment; it is to explain the factors that are putting an individual at risk and provide insight on ways to fix them.


Jason Guss

PhD, Biomedical Engineering
Cornell University

Pankaj Singh
Lead Engineer

PhD, Mechanical Engineering
Cornell University

James Russo
Software Engineer

BS, Computer Science
Cornell University

Sebastian Roubert
User Experience

BS, Mechanical Engineering
Cornell University

Harrison Unruh
Software Engineer

BA, Computer Science
Cornell University

Ethan Sterk
Embedded Software Engineer

BS, Computer Science
Cornell University

Advisory Board

Nellie J. Brown

Workplace Health & Safety Programs,
Worker Institute,
Cornell Univeristy

Bob Scharf

Cornell University

Brad Treat
Entrepreneur & Educator

Southern Tier Startup Alliance, Ithaca College, Cornell University

Mike Guss
Orthopedic Surgeon

NYU Medical Center

Grant Son
CEO and Lecturer

Greater Good ventures, Yale University, Columbia University


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